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Aloha e AKA ʻOhana! Hilinaʻi: The Believer’s Blog is a series that will share my life’s struggles and victories as I actively pursue Iesū (Jesus) with all of my heart. This project is founded in my belief in ke Akua (God), His aloha (love) for us, and His commission for me to share this with the world.

First off let me introduce myself! This is me…

Jared Nagura Maui Christian

My name is Jared. Big ears, browned eyed, braddah who loves Maui, and has a passion for Sausage McMuffins. Most of what I can remember from my childhood is in Pāʻia. Skinny boy running through traffic to catch small waves on a foam board. As the years went by and I battled my way through college, I felt God leading me towards serving Him in the church. At Upcountry Calvary you can find me there setting up, teaching in keiki church, running the sound board, designing flyers, writing email, leading worship, teaching at youth group, and leading our young adult group. There’s lots to do, but I’m blessed by God to be able to serve Him in so many different ways.

My hope is that Hilinaʻi: The Believer’s Blog will be a way I can share what God has done in my life, and what God is doing right now! If you’ve stumbled across this and have any question or thoughts please leave a comment below. We hope to connect with you, and that you find this series encouraging.

Check out our first post in the series titled “THE STRUGGLE IS REAL”.

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