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Hilinaʻi #8: Worth 1,000,000 Words

If a picture is worth one thousand words, then your life story is worth millions. The "You do you" attitude is prevalent among this generation. With an overall expression of acceptance towards who you want to be, your life story has never been more powerful. My heart for this post is to encourage you to write down your own testimony and be prepared to share it at all times.

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Hilinaʻi #6: The Problematic Phrase

Identity in Christ. It’s a phrase many of us have heard, but I’ll be honest the first time I heard it I was very confused. Overtime I’ve gained a grip on what this phrase should mean. Sadly, more often than not, I hear it being used in a way that can be misleading to young believers. I’m here to set the record straight. Your identity in Christ is not something that you have to find, it’s something that has been given to you. My distaste for the misuse of this phrase came to a point at a young adult prayer night. It was a small group of about 10-12 young adults from all over the island. We went around the...

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Hilinaʻi #3: Give Up Or Get Up

I’ve been there. Where I messed up so badly that I feel ashamed to come to God. There’s been times where I would look at my Bible and think, “I can’t pick that up now. I’ve failed”. Feeling like running away from God would be better than coming to Him. How silly to think that I could ever ditch God?! My perspective on failing and moving forward has changed because of a few key verses and a couple history defining characters. Peter & Judas. Both Peter & Judas walked with Jesus. They saw Jesus walk on water, feed over 5000 people, Heal numerous people, and continually outshine the esteemed religious leaders of the time. Both stood with the greatest man...

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