Top 5 Local Christian Clothing Brands - You Need To Know About!

If you wholeheartedly believe in something, you want to share it. This definitely is true for believers in Jesus Christ. It's our calling, our mission. One great way to constantly share your faith is through your clothing. Here is a list of "Top 5 Local Christian Clothing Brands - You Need To Know About." While you can check out more local clothing brands at "The Blessed Life" at Windward mall on Oʻahu, or "Logos Bookstore" in Honolulu. The criteria for this list requires that the brand has an online store, so you can immediately pick up some great gear today. This is for you my ʻohana on the outer Islands. But without further ado...


1. Faith Hope Aloha (

Faith Hope Aloha Banner

Owner Kacie Aurio started her "Faith Hope Aloha" inspired by 1 Corintians 13. The end of the chapter states to abide in faith, hope, and love. But here in Hawaiʻi we call it faith, hope & aloha. The brands focus is to be God's light and build powerful relationships. Check out the heart of the brand... "We value our relationship with God and we value our relationships with People.  Our clothing reflects our lifestyle and our hearts desire to be a positive force wherever we Go and with each person that we meet!"
His Story Clothing Hawaii
His Story creates a fun play on words. His (God's) Story is history. Power couple Andrew and Karis recently started their brand with with the hope of giving believers the tools to share Jesus all the time. "We want each shirt to be a blessing to everyone who wears it and see's it, and for it to be a good talking piece for someone who doesn't know Jesus."

3. Pneuma Lifestyles (
Pneuma Lifestyles Christian Clothing Hawaii
Faithbased Christian surf brand "Pneuma Lifestyles" is inspired by the Greek work Pneuma. Meaning breath, Spirit, or Soul. Their inspirational verse for the company is from John 10:10 "That they may have life and have it more abundantly" The heart of the brand is to "Promote faith-base values, capture the essence of the surf lifestyle and the board sport culture in creative arts, and center our mission in generating profits to aid outreach programs that work in taking action towards the needs of those locally and internationally."
4. His Kingdom Clothing (
His Kingdom Clothing hawaii Christian
Where spirit meets fashion, His Kingdom Clothing is a Scripture based clothing line sharing their positive message in Hawaiʻi. Dan & Evie, parents and business owners share their love for Jesus and passion for ministry with their unique brand. "We believe that through God's grace He has provided us a sleek fashionable swagg with a positive message for all to wear!"
5. Aloha Ke Akua Clothing (
Aloha Ke Akua Clothing Christian Clothing Brand Hawaii
Last, but not least. We're all one in Christ anyway! Is our very own Aloha Ke Akua Clothing. Every design is a unique mix of Hawaiian language and biblical principals. Our mission is easy to understand when "Aloha Ke Akua" is translated to "God is love". Inspired by 1 John 4:8 with a purpose "That the people of Hawaiʻi would be filled with the love of God, and share His love to those around them."
We know there are plenty of other great local Christian clothing brands out there, and more being started every year. If we missed you please comment below sharing your heart and inspiration.


  • Gary Bird

    Need Christian themed Hawaiian shirts


    First congrats to all of these clothing lines for reaching others for God. If possible my wife Cindy and I are looking for ideas to grow Our brand. If it’s in your heart to do so please email Us. Thank you so much.❣️

  • Benit Dunit Ownit

    Benit Dunit is me, Benit Dunit is You…Take a good look around, You’ll see quite a few…We need to own things we’ve said,or even thought in Our head…we need to say things from our heart, that’s where we should start… So look in the mirror and figure it out, Benit Dunit is your Story, It’s what your life is about… looking for another brand to help us in our start up. We’ve branded it, Trademarked the business and need to know how to reach people to help grow it. Any ideas would be helpful! Thank You!

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