God Saw That It Was Maikaʻi

Every morning as the sun rises over Haleakalā, every evening as the stars light up the night sky, every wave that crashes onto our scenic island remind us of the beauty God placed into this world. The creation of our world, accounted in Genesis 1, is the direct inspiration for the all new Maikaʻi windbreaker & hoodie.

Genesis 1 the very first chapter of the Bible tells the story of God creating the world in seven days. He created everything from light and darkness to humans modeled in his own image. Periodically in this chapter, as God is forming all we know, He pauses to look at His creation. In these moments God looks at what He has created and calls it "Good", or "Maikaʻi".

Aloha Ke Akua Clothing Jacket Maui

When you wear the Maikaʻi design you are representing ke Akua the sole creator of our world. Let it be a daily reminder to take a moment in the morning to watch the sunrise, to peer up to the stars at night, to feel the cool breeze of the ocean, and to look at yourself in the mirror. To know that this world and you are a wonderful creation called Maikaʻi.

Maikai design Jacket

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