Blog Takeover - Carly Tan and the Honi Design

Carly Tan - Blog Take Over Honi Design

Aloha! My name is Carly, and I have been blessed to work with Aloha Ke Akua Clothing for this special project. Currently, I am a senior at Grand Canyon University pursuing my Bachelors of Arts in Advertising and Graphic Design, as well as a minor in Christian Studies! Growing up in Honolulu, Hawai‘i, I have always appreciated art, nature, music, and connecting with people. My upbringing has shaped me and inspires me as a designer. My goal, as I continue to learn and grow in my career, is that my work with honor God, the best Creator of all.

Honi Tees

I have been an Aloha Ke Akua Clothing Co. customer and follower for a couple years before this project began, so when I was given the opportunity to help design a shirt for them, how could I say no? I created a simple line art design and here is the process:

1. Gather all the information and write out a creative brief
2. Visual research and gather inspiration
3. Initial sketching and thumbnailing
4. Cleaning up initial sketches and finalizing design files

Honi Thumbnail Sketches

The honi is an honorable Polynesian greeting in which two people press their foreheads and noses together and inhale at the same time. This action represents the exchange of hā (the breathe of life), and mana (spiritual power).

This design was inspired by 1 John 4:7 and the call to “Aloha kekahi i kekahi” (Love one another). In the same way a traditional honi connects two people, love bonds us together and honors God’s call to do so.

Honi Pin and 1 John 4:7

God gave us the privilege and ability to love each other. On the days I feel down or alone, I begin to remember just how much God loves me. He loves me so much that he gave me a breath, family, friends, an island to call home, and more importantly Jesus. We can never out give God, but what we can afford to give is our love towards others. Which is exactly what the Aloha Spirit is all about!

If you would like to purchase a tee or pin find the Honi Collection here.

The Honi pin is part of the Kōkua Collection and donates 100% of profits to Maui Behavioral Health Resources!

Mahalo for reading! I would love to connect with you! Follow the links below!

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  • Tyson Tan

    Yay I am Carly’s brother this is cool.

  • John Kennerknecht

    Lopes Up! As a GCU alumni and Aloha Ke Akua customer, I have to buy this shirt. So awesome to hear how God is using you. God Bless, and continue to follow after Him!

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